I-tim Pad Journey

I-tim Pad is basically ice cream rolls mixed with fruits or nuts and topped with syrup or condensed milk. As far as I know, I-tim Pad is not widely available in Thailand but it is getting more popular. The starting price is varied depending on the place where you buy it.
Last month, I saw a video on I-tim Pad on a Facebook Page and how it was made is really interesting for me! You can search “ไอติมผัด” on Google and see videos on how to make it. Since then, I had been on a hunt for I-tim Pad. Luckily, I had a chance to go to Chiang Mai last Friday and there are many places that I-tim Pad is sold in Chiang Mai so I thought it was the perfect coincidence.
The next day after arriving in Chiang Mai, I went to MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center in Nimmanhemin area to find I-tim Pad. The woman at the information counter told me that it was closed a long time ago. Being disappointed, I went to Promenada Resort Mall Chiang Mai. I searched the whole mall for it since the mall was not so big but I could not find it. I decided to look up on their Facebook page and it said ‘closed permanently’. Sadly, now I gave up. In the evening, I went to Chiang Mai Walking Street for sightseeing. When I was about to leave the market, I looked around to find a street vendor which sold smoothie. My eyes spotted at one vendor because of its name “Ice Manias”. This name rang a bell. Then, I observed what they sold and it was I-tim Pad! I was sooo happy that I finally found it even if I found it by chance.
I bought mine for 50 baht. I chose chocolate ice cream mixed with Oreo cookies and almonds. Also chocolate syrup on top! It was heaven! It was my first try and I bet there will be many more to come! Next time, I will try different ingredients such as berries and bananas. It is a perfect dessert for a hot day!

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